You can depend on Yann Sommer. As a partner and a human being as much as a goalie. He is the only footballer on the field who may use his hands. This is reflected in his personality: Everything he does is solid, has hands and feet, as it were. But it is his head and heart that guide him.

Since he was five years old he has been standing between the posts that mean everything to him. Standing with both feet on the ground, he is used to taking responsibility and to making decisions, often in a split second.


As a complete professional he leaves nothing to chance, and always finds the right balance between being serious and relaxed. He finds the necessary change in music (Yann Sommer takes lessons in singing and plays the guitar and the piano) and in cooking and photographing as a food blogger.


His many-sided and thoughtful personality create a charisma that is difficult to resist. His trustworthiness and his professionalism make him a estimable partner and reliable team player.


Yann Sommer is the prototype of a modern professional: a goalie who keeps what he has promised, and who thinks farther than he kicks.

“I love my job. There is nothing else I’d like to do,and I hope that my health allows me to do this for a long time still.”

“Sometimes you sail through the air with stretched arms,thinking: You’ll never catch that one. But then you feel how the ball hits your hand. Those are the great moments of a goalkeeper.”

“Cooking does not just serve balance. It connects me with the conditions of nature. Eating is an important basis of our wellbeing.”

“It has to be genuine. 
Then everything is OK.”